Hodek Vibration Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Responsibility towards society

Responsibility towards society
Hodek believes that every company has a responsibility towards building a strong and competitive nation. With this mission in mind, Hodek engages in various social and community development activities in the areas of health, education and environment. Hodek partners with NGOs as well directly with local bodies and organizations in order to empower and better lives of children and society in general. Some of the activities include -

Community Health And Hygiene

  • Dental Checkup Camp
  • Health Checkup Camp for oldage Home
  • Health Checkup Camp for school Children
  • Support to institutes for visually impaired
  • Support to VAYAM

Community and Children Education, Assistance for Self employment

  • Support for infrastructure developments in local schools
  • Adoption of school children from schools for their educational expenses and other than educational expenses
  • Organisation of Programs on Skill / Communication Improvement.
  • Organisation of Vocational training for skill development and guidance on opportunities for self employment
  • Assessment of performance of school children for distribution of Scholarships for academic, culture, sports etc.

Environment Protection And Safety Awareness

  • Tree plantation at various location and to ensure the growth of the planted trees
  • Tree plantation, Water preservation and rain harvesting efforts, Soil preservation efforts
  • Domestic Safety and Precautions during Emergencies like Earthquake
  • Various safety awareness programme during Safety Day / Week celebration